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USA-Washington DC -Slash Run- 22. Oktober 2021

GER-Hamburg -KIR- 19. Februar 2022  canceled by corona

GER-Rüsselsheim -Das Rind- 26. Februar 2022 canceled by corona

Goths for Sanctuaries Live Stream on Twitch 16.-17. April 2022

USA-Delaware -Bar XIII- 30. April 2022 (feat. Rob Early of 11 Grams)

USA-Washington DC -Pie Shop- 16. Juni 2022 (with Unicode:Machine)

USA -Washington DC -The Runaway- 22. Sept.ember 2022 (with Social Station and Sister Ex)

GER -Bochum -Wageni- 19. November 2022 (with und mir der Mond)

GER -Rüsselsheim -Das Rind- 26. November 2022 (with Fix8:Sed8 and Amnistia)

USA -Washington DC -Runaway 04. März 2023 (with Dead Cool and Jihad) 

USA -Wilmington (NC) -The Opera Room 11. .März 2023 (with Dead Cool and Jihad)

USA -Washington DC -Pie Shop 15. Juli 2023 (with Jaguardini, The Neuro Farm, SYZYGYX )  

USA -Wilmington NC - The Barzarre 27. OCTOBER 2023 (Halloween Weekend at the Barzarre with Jihad, The Neuro Farm, BIOCARBON 13, Severed Skies)

USA -Indiana, Indianapolis -The Healer 11. November 2023 (with 11grams)